The DG NIMASA SACK and Buhari Agenda


Press Statement
Sunday, 19 July 2015

Nigeria and the world at large should know that President Mohammudu Buhari has tacitly demonstrated his hatred and disregard for the Ijaw nation by singling out Dr. Patrick Ziakede Akpobolokemi, Director General -DG of Nigeria Maritime Safety Agency -NIMASA (a patriotic Nigerian of Ijaw extraction) for sack without any wrong doing while, in same breath it has stated that the Nigeria Armed Forces will be programmed to focus attention on the Niger Delta from the end of July, to deal with the so-called Oil thieves in the Niger Delta. To us this is a declaration of war on the Ijaw Nation.
These developments smack of the beginning of programmed intimidation and ethnic cleansing of the Ijaw people, this we fear the Buhari administration represents.
The Ijaw people at this point in time, find this unnecessary show of power and humiliation of our people reprehensible and condemn it in strong terms.
We would like to use this opportunity to draw the attention of the nation and the world at large to the eminent danger of brutalization and extinction being faced by the Ijaw people under the present administration if not called to order by well-meaning Nigerians.
The attempt to mischievously brand Ijaw people as Oil thieves to prepare the grounds for a military onslaught against the Ijaw people and other Oil bearing communities in the Niger Delta will not augur well for the stability of the Nigeria nation and the World at large.
It’s on this premise that the IZON-EBE UNITY GROUP is calling on all wise thinking Nigeria leaders and the world large to advise the Buhari administration to address national issues with necessary condor and respect for Rule of Law for the sustenance of a peaceful and stable Nigeria nation.

Ms. Ebiere Morgan

One thought on “The DG NIMASA SACK and Buhari Agenda

  • July 20, 2015 at 11:29 am

    Ebiere, I haven’t any need to read your wailings over the sack of Akpobolokemi beyond the very first paragraph wherein you either naively or”patriotically” avered that the ex-NIMASA DG was “sacked without any wrongdoing…” Really? How much of the maritime industry do you know…much less what transpired during the ‘memorable’ tenure of Ziakede…?
    Please get educated by the President -General of Ijaw media forum, Elder Asu Beks, who is a founding father of maritime journalism in the country…before you proceed on this your journey to nowhere.


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