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Warri South West\Warri South LGA.



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Sen. (Dr.) Arthur lfeanyi Okowa

Governor of Delta State

Government House, Asaba.


Dear Sir,

Your Excellency, on behalf of the good people of Ogbe-ljoh Warri Kingdom in Warri South West local government area of Delta State, we will like to once again congratulate you on your re-election as the Governor of the state during the recently concluded general elections.

It is with utmost respect and humility that we will like to continuously draw your attention to the impasse that is rocking Ogbe-ljoh Warri kingdom until your timely intervention as a peace loving Governor over the conduct of the Pere Amakosu of Ogbe-ljoh Ward Kingdom, HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni who has formed the habit of peddling lies been at loggerhead with subjects of the kingdom.

As the administration organ of the kingdom, we wrote an open letter dated March 25, 2019 to your office with, copies made available to the Delta State Traditional Rulers Council, the State Security Agencies and other stakeholders in the State over the excesses of HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni on the need to hold him accountable in the likely breakdown of law and order in the kingdom.

The people of Ogbe-ljoh Ward kingdom have watched happenings in the kingdom with keen interest in the past four years as relate to the leadership of the Amakosu of Ogbe-ljoh Ward Kingdom. We do not want to recall the sad and painful experiences surrounding his victory as “Amakosu elect” and the subsequent confirmation of the State government with presentation of staff of office by the Deputy Governor of the state, His Excellency, Dcn Kingsley Otuaro sometime in September 2015. We have had enough and can no longer tolerate the attitude of the monarch.

Bearing in mind similar developments in the past which led to the removal from office Barr Alex Akemetubo as chairman of the Governing Council as instigated by the monarch and the tension that almost led to the breakdown of law and order in the kingdom and a move to prevent a reoccurrence, the kingdom met to deliberate on the following:



Since assumption of office, Amakosu of Ogbe-ljoh Warri Kingdom, HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni’s style of leadership is complete deviation from known practice in the kingdom. For instance, as head of the traditional institution he could not deem it necessary to seek views and inputs of members Of the Traditional Council before taking decision. Infect, HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni is in the habit of introducing his subject matter for discussion at same time concluding on the matter without any contribution from council members. He runs the Traditional Council as a personal enterprise.

The practice in Ogbe-ljoh Warri Traditional Council is that there is a Pere-In-Council where the Chiefs elect/appoint chairman and secretary with some selected persons that act as advisory body to the traditional institution. These persons, not more than 12 or 15, always ensure that HRH consults with critical stakeholders and Traditional Council members, the Governing Council and Opinion Leaders before arriving at a conclusion on a particular subject matter but HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni has refused to constitute the Pere-In-Council. How can he succeed as a Royal Father without taking advice from anybody? HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni ensured that nothing works in terms of other organs of government in the kingdom including sub-committees in the Traditional Council as he prefers to do everything by himself.

The Traditional Council is an institute with rules and regulations to guide its affairs, but such is not applicable under HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni’s style of leadership which can best be described as autocratic and not in line with modern form of leadership. He sees himself as a “Demi god” and his word is bond and has refused to take advice, thus resulting in tension in the Ogbe-ljoh and its environs.

The Constitution of the Ogbe-ljoh Warri Kingdom 2003 as amended signed into law by HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni in 2015 clearly states two conditions upon which members(s) of the Governing Council can be either suspended or be removed from office: (i) By a Ewein Congress where sons and daughters of the kingdom converge in the town hall to review activities of the Governing Council and resolve to suspend/remove or dissolve the entire council and (ii) a petition is written to the Traditional Council alleging wrong doing of the Governing Council and a 5-Man investigation panel is constituted to look into the issues and which report is to be deliberated by the Traditional Council before taking a final decision. But, HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni’s administration will not allow due process.

For instance, on March 28, 2019, the Traditional Council constituted Chief Monday Keme-led 5-Man investigating panel to look into petition written by the Assistant Secretary against the chairman and other members of the Governing Council. The panel looked at issues raised and completed its assignment in 24days and thereafter informed HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni of its readiness to submit its report. He took offence for not allowing him to see the report before signing. At the end, a report that was signed by all the 5-Man members was later amended to suit himself and today, we have three different reports on same subject matter.

(a) The report signed by 5 members 22pages

(b) The report signed by 3 members 15 pages

(c) The report signed by 1 member

HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni just wants to cause confusion in the kingdom. The panel chairman, Chief Monday Keme has a pedigree in investigation; he not only has a Masters in Criminology/Crime Control, he has investigated three Governing Councils chairmen in the past namely, Audit Committee Chairman during Chief Anthony Jolomi administration (2009-2011), Alex Akemetubo (2015-2017) and Hon Friday Denighan (2018-date). All these reports are with the security agents.

Ogbe-ljoh Ward Kingdom before the ascension of HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni as the Amakosu of the kingdom in 2016, had about three internal cases in court, but as it stands today, the internal crisis in the kingdom has increased to 13 with the judges handling the cases always asking, “Is there no leadership in Ogbe-ljoh?” Of course, they were right to have asked such questions because where there is leadership, there cannot be such rising cases. It is interesting to note that the three internal cases before his emergence actually took after the demise of his predecessor, Oduwor III.


HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni since assumption of office as Amaokusu of the kingdom, have conducted himself in a manner that not only brought disrespect to the kingdom, but reduced the throne of the Amaokusu to the lowest in the history of the kingdom. He has since abandoned the palace when the family of his predecessor late Oduwor Ill refused to allow him exhume the remains of the monarch from the palace. HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni’s conducts need not stated here as everybody is aware His Excellency, Governor of Delta State, His Excellency Deputy Governor of Delta State, members of the State Traditional Rulers Council, Security Agencies and people around Warri/Effurun, Gbaramatu who normally transact within Ward and environs. For years, HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni on daily basis like any normal businessman or trader resumes duties at Miller area of NPA where he supervises all kinds of works-construction of stores, collection of levies in the waterfronts and other operations. He no longer associates with his colleagues and is always absent in functions organized by his colleagues as every traditional ruler in the state now avoids him.


By the provision of the Ogbe-ljoh Warri Kingdom 2003 as amended, the Governing Council chairman is the accounting officer of the kingdom. He receives and disburses community development funds on behalf of other organs of government in the kingdom. Unfortunately, since becoming the Amaokosu, HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni has taken over revenue collection in the kingdom

We are convinced as a people that the frequent clash with the Governing Council is who to receive monies on behalf of the kingdom and the same issue led to the removal from office the immediate past chairman, Alex Akemetubo and this is now playing out. As law abiding citizens, we carefully looked at the issues involved and resolved as follows:

  1. The four years reign of HRH Mackson Couple Oromoni has brought pains, sorrows, sufferings, acrimony among relations and friends, also, belittle to the throne of the Amaokosu of Ogbe-ljoh Warn kingdom. His continued stay as the Amaokosu of Ogbe-ljoh Warn kingdom is no longer in the interest of the people of the kingdom.
  2. Consequently, the letter of appointment dated July 21, 2016 issued to him as Amaokosu of Ogbe-ljoh Warn kingdom should be withdrawn and if possible, he should be suspended for the interest of peace in Ogbe-ljoh and environs.

Signed on behalf of the good people of Ogbe-ijoh Warri kingdom

Hon. Friday E. Delinihan


Mr. Simon Amadon

Vice Chairman

Benson.Tekedor Dubele


Ebi Takemebo




The Deputy Governor of Delta State

Senator Representing Delta South Senatorial District, Senator James Manager,

The Chairman, Delta State Traditional -Rulers Council

The Chairman Warri South West

Chief Ediwin Kiagbodo Clark, Ijaw National Leader

Delta State Commissioner for Chieftaincy Affairs

The Commissioner of Police, Delta State

The Assistant Inspector General of Police Zone 5, Benin. City

The Delta State Director, Department of State Security (DSS)

The Chairman, Delta State Security Council

HRM Markson Couple. Oromini

Monbene III


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