Ghomorai Presidor

Ghomorai Presidor

IjawNews which is published by Ebitubo-Tare Enterprises, basically hit the News stands precisely on Saturday, August 8, 1992. Ever since then the IjawNews as a community news-tabloid has risen from one pace to the other these past years.

The basic concept behind its emergence as fashioned by the organisers  is for the IjawNews to be a mouth-piece for the Promotion, Protection, Projection, Propagation and propelling the Ijaw culture and values.

This the IjawNews since its inception has tenaciously stood for as it identified with the Ijaw cause and to its best of its ability has tacitly adhered to it principle that guides its emergence.

We implore all and sundry to kindly patronize the IjawNews  as it has come to stay as means of disseminating information and providing a credible platform for Ijaw nay Niger Delta people to showcase its activities and programmes.

Haaaaa IZON! Haaaaaaaa IZON!! Haaaaaaaaaa IZON!!!

IZON keme eeee mi?  Eeeeeeeeee miooooooo

Our email Contact: ijawnews@yahoo.com



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