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Nordic Analytical Laboratories

Aug 12

Nordic Analytical Laboratories are a reputable name in the field of drug discovery and quality control. They are a leader in the field of advanced testing methodologies and the latest trends in APIs and other technologies. Learn about the tests Nordic Analytical Laboratories can perform and how they are accredited. Find the details you need to choose the best laboratory for your next project. Below you'll find the top popular tests performed by Nordic Analytical Laboratories.

Nordic Analytical Laboratories performed the tests.

Nordic Analytical Laboratories is here to help you whether you require assistance in assessing the quality of your cannabis product or need an objective opinion. The company's experienced team can assist you in choosing the best methods, instruments as well as other services that satisfy your requirements. Their outstanding customer service can also help you troubleshoot your results. You can also rely on the lab's testing services due to their commitment to high-quality.

Nordic Analytical Laboratories offers state-certified cannabis testing services. The laboratory is able to provide medical and recreational marijuana clients. State-certified, the facility can also perform all required cannabis tests as stipulated by Colorado law. They also collaborate with Colorado marijuana businesses and producers So you can rest assured that the results are exact and reliable. They're friendly too! You can confidence in the results, as Nordic Analytical Laboratories' methods are extremely precise.


Located in Denver, Colorado, Nordic Analytical Laboratories is an official state-certified ISO 17025 accredited marijuana testing lab. The company has two locations in Colorado and serves clients across the nation. To learn more about this laboratory, read on to learn more about its accreditation and its certification. With two locations, Nordic Analytical Laboratories offers marijuana testing services in Denver and Pueblo, Colorado. The laboratory that is accredited for marijuana testing can assist Colorado businesses in obtaining the legal documents that they need to open the business.

Cannabis growers should inspect their pistils in order to confirm that they pass the proper cannabis test. The pistils should shift from white to orange colour and then curl up under the bud. Nordic Analytical Laboratories will conduct terpene analysis and send you the report, which includes a fingerprint of the product. It is also possible to partner with them to brand your product by partnering on co-branding opportunities. Lastly, you should consider their terpene reports for cultivation of cannabis. These can give you a detailed fingerprint of your plant.

Testing methods

When testing the product selecting a reliable laboratory can be a challenge. Nordic analytical labs are dedicated to providing the best service that they can. The team of experts offers a simple-to-use testing process with excellent customer support. For this reason, Nordic analytical labs make a fantastic option for your company's brand. They offer a variety of testing services to satisfy the needs of your business.

Nordic Analytical Laboratories, a leader in regulated testing for the cannabis and hemp industry, is an excellent choice. Their state-certified testing of hemp and cannabis is mandated by Colorado state law. Nordic examines the samples for potency and pesticide residue to make sure that they do not contain pesticides. The labs also provide shelf-stability tests for hemp and cannabis products. Nordic Analytical Laboratories has the expertise and experience to perform these tests accurately and efficiently.

Nordic Analytical Laboratories is highly recognized for its moisture content tests as well as other laboratory services related to cannabis. The team uses loss-on drying to determine the amount of moisture in cannabis samples. This method is particularly useful for growers who aim to improve their cultivation process. Nordic Analytical Laboratories can perform tests to determine the moisture content of your cannabis, identify microbial contaminants, and help troubleshoot short shelf lives. The tests can also be performed on cannabis for research purposes.