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Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks - Terry's Natural Market

Jan 5

Are you in search of refreshing drinks that has health advantages? Look no further than Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks from Terry's Natural Market! In this post we'll take a peek at what makes these drinks special, and why they're worth a try. Keep an eye out to find out more about the delicious and unique kava drinks from Terry's Natural Market!

What are Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks?

Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks are a natural non-caffeinated alternative to coffee or other energy drinks. Made from 100 100% pure kava root extract the refreshing drinks offer moderate, yet powerful stress-relief and relaxation effect. Great for unwinding at conclusion of the day or taking a refreshing drink during the day. Leilo sparkling Kava Drinks come in 4 tasty flavours: Original, Mango, Pineapple and Coconut.

What is a Kava Safe?

Kava is an evergreen tropical plant with large , heart-shaped leaves as well as woody stems. The plant's roots are used to prepare a drink that has been used in ceremonies for centuries in Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. Kava is renowned for its sedative qualities, and has been found as effective at treating insomnia and anxiety.

Kava is generally consumed safely, but there are some possible adverse effects you need to take note of. When taken in large doses, kava can result in headaches, dizziness nausea, and vomiting. It can also interact with other medications which is why it's crucial to talk with your doctor before taking kava, especially if you are taking other medications.

Women who are pregnant shouldn't consume Kava because it is known to causing liver damage. Kava is not recommended for people suffering from liver disease or chronic health issues. Should you encounter any negative effects after consuming kava, it is important to stop using it and get medical attention immediately.

How to Make a Kava Drink

There are many ways to make a kava drink but the main factor is to make sure you use quality kava that is fresh and high-quality. Kava is a tropical root that has been utilized for decades in the Pacific Islands for its relaxant properties. Kava is becoming more and more sought-after within the United States as a natural alternative to alcohol and other drugs.

The traditional way to make the kava drink is to crush the Kava root into a fine powder and make a mix with the water. It can be done by either hand or using a blender. After that, the powder gets squeezed out, and the liquid that results is drank.

For those seeking an approach that is more contemporary There are now kava concentrates that are mixed with water or juice. Concentrates allow users to achieve the desired amount of kava without having endure the crushing and straining process.

No matter how you choose to make your kava beverage ensure that you begin with a small quantity and slowly increase as needed. Kava has powerful effects therefore it is advised to take it gradually at first, until you are aware of what it does to you.

How to Enjoy Leilo Kava Drinks

If you happen to have the kava beverage in your hands There are a variety of ways to drink the drink. If you feel the taste of kava to be too earthy or bitter, try mixing it with juice of fruit or some other sweet beverage. Many enjoy adding spices, honey, or other flavorings to their kava drink. Kava can be enjoyed either hot or cold and is a great way to play around until you discover your perfect kava concoction.

If you're just beginning to drink Kava, try taking small portions and then see what you feel like after a few minutes. Kava can have relaxing and euphoric effects, therefore it's important not to overdo it initially. Once you've figured out the way your body reacts to kava, you can adjust the amount you drink according to your needs. Remember that it takes time for the effects of kava to be felt, so be patient and enjoy your drink.


Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks are an excellent opportunity to taste the traditional flavor of kava while adding a dash of excitement and fizz. They offer an enjoyable and healthy alternative to energy drinks and sugary sodas. They can also be customized with spices, herbs or fruits for added flavor. If you're looking to find something new to explore this summer, give Leilo sparkling Kava Drinks from Terry's Natural Market a try! You'll be glad you did.

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