Beaten with foster kittens

Well I went and did it again. I agreed to take on another “challenging” group of foster kittens – four 3 month old brothers who were born in a community cat colony, then captured, given veterinary care, and sent to a rescue. When they came to us, they spent the first week hiding from us and running away. With lots of play time, love, and encouragement, two of them have really turned around and ready to find their home forever, but the other two are still shy and scared. We will continue to work with them until they become little round warmers.

If you’ve been thinking about caring for kittens for your local animal shelter or rescue, in this issue we have expert advice on socializing and everything else you need to know. It can be a tough “job” but I guarantee it will be worth it.

Another important part of grooming is meal time. Tasty, high quality food will help them achieve a healthy weight, but it can also be a great bonding experience. Kittens love to eat, and when they know all that lovely food is coming from you, you will be their hero!

One thing I do is make sure kittens are fed what they ate before coming to see me to avoid stomach problems that can come with a change in diet. And whether your cat is a kitten, adult, or senior, there will come a time when you need to start feeding it something else – from regular adult foods to specialty medical diets.

We have some great tips for switching your cat onto a new diet, as well as tips for eating healthily at every stage of life.

And as always, we have lots of fun cat content and adorable cat photos. Enjoy!

PAIN AND PANIC: Mixed race, 4 months old
– Rosemarie Rembao Ledesma

KAYLA: mixed breed, 15+ years old
– Lori Wendin