Found kitten with curved paws on the farm with her brother, determined to live life to the fullest

A kitten with curved paws was found on a farm with her brother. She was determined to live a full life.

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

A tabby kitten was discovered a few months ago with her brother in a horse stable. Anna Dickerson-Homan, an animal rescuer and carer from Higgins Lake, Michigan, came across a post about the tabby in need of rescuing.

The two kittens were approximately 3.5 weeks old and the tabby had noticeable genetic defects. They were full of fleas and filth and needed urgent food and medical attention.

After receiving much-needed baths and food, the kittens curled up in their new bed and fell asleep with full bellies. They were named after Anna’s parents Bart (black) and Lisa (mackerel).

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

The kittens were born with Manx syndrome (tailless and with spinal defects). Lisa the tabby also had front paws and several other congenital conditions. Despite different facial features, she was always in a good mood.

As soon as she had strength in her little legs after a good night’s sleep, she was on the lookout, exploring her new digs, and meeting everyone she met. The fearless, powerful little kitten let nothing stop her.

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

Lisa went on through her days without a care in the world. She enjoyed her new life as a house cat with her dearest brother. She was so content and happy that she often rolled onto her back and fell asleep immediately.

The cute kitten insisted on doing everything just like other cats.

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

She was petite and chonky, but never wanted to miss anything. She would hang on the windowsill to take a look at the outside world.

Lisa followed her brother around the house, playing with toys and creating all kinds of antics. She learned to climb a high bed with a ramp like a champion.

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

Over the next few weeks, the warrior continued to surprise her people with her incredible determination.

They began treating their front paws while they provided the medical care they needed to improve their quality of life. The tabby overcame one hurdle after the other and was never impressed by the vet.

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

Lisa and her brother Bart receive the best of care and unconditional love from their foster family.

Check out the kittens and their journey in this video:

Bart and Lisa the kittens

“She is consistently playful, happy and intelligent. She is completely imperfect and a cognitively normal cat who only wants to do cat things,” shared Anna Love Meow.

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

Lisa may need a little help with climbing and is not the most skilled jumper, but she always gives 120 percent and tries to be as good as possible.

“We made a few changes to our house to give her better access to the couch and bed.”

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

The tabby girl plays hard and cuddles even harder. She likes to snuggle up to her foster parents and be as close as possible.

Whenever Foster Dad rubs her paws, she falls asleep in pure bliss in his arms.

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

Bart was by his sister’s side during this trip. You’re each other’s greatest cheerleader.

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

Anna hopes that one day she will find a special home that understands the needs of the kittens and still loves them.

“I’ll keep them until I find a home that suits them perfectly.”

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

“You don’t have to be a medical professional to open your heart to a kitten like Lisa. You just have to have the fire in your heart to help them,” Anna said.

“They deserve just as much love and attention as ‘normal’ cats and kittens.”

Anna Dickerson-Homan @kittenfactory

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