Gus The cat and the case of the missing testicle

Have you ever heard the term “cryptorchid” used in relation to hangovers?

Ashley, the youngest old cat lady and founder of Ashley’s Kitten Academy, stated, “Cryptorchid is when one (or both) of a man’s testicles fail to descend into the scrotum.”

This changes the way vets spay and neuter a male cat and “have to open the stomach to find the other testicle to remove”.

Gus the cat just learned all about it. He is a stray kitten who stays intact with his umm, convex side. He lived on the street, wasn’t neutered, and probably had a good time with the cats.

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But after living Tom’s life for a while, he was trapped during one of Ashley’s TNR outings. When she first met him, Ashley reported that Gus was just chilling out and having a snack. He started purring as soon as she greeted him.

But the cute stray was doing badly. Gus was covered in wounds and sores in combat and had sneezes, snot, and gunky eyes from an upper respiratory infection. He had broken and painful teeth that needed cleaning. His ears were infected with ear mites, which resulted in his ears ripping from all the scratching. And poor Tom has an annoyed belly all the time.

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A Lovebug mess

Despite all that, and as a stray cat, Gus was quite a gentleman in love. He enjoyed sitting on Ashley’s lap and getting everyone cuddled while purring with a smile on his kitten’s lips. With so much love for people, he has certainly had contact with them in the past, which meant he could have been fired early in life. This part of his life will most likely remain a mystery, but his love for cuddling is easy to spot.

“Gus loves the lap time. He didn’t have enough lap time until my pants were 100% covered with Gus fur. “

@ youngest oldcatlady / Instagram
@ youngest oldcatlady / Instagram

Stomach problems

While he loves lap times, the pretty orange and white cat doesn’t love driving. Every trip has resulted in a nervous belly accident for Ashley to take care of, but a messy trip actually became a cause for joy. As Gus was used to, he pooped in the kennel on the way to the vet, and Ashley, the amazing foster mother she is, parted because “it was a solid chair! Yay yay yay !!! ”

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Ashley recently learned that raw food is the only food that feral and stray cats can tolerate. Which makes sense when you consider that a cat’s wild diet in the open air is generally made up of the fresh raw meat provided by the hunt. And for Gus, the raw food helped his tummy settle down, which meant he could undergo neuter surgery that would take him from spraying Tom to a satisfied house cat.

But this plan had a bit of a problem. Gus only had one testicle and classified it as a cryptorchid. Which meant that bead number 2 was somewhere in Gus’ abdominal cavity.

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Treasure hunt

Ashley said the operation will have to wait as the clinic does not have an ultrasound machine to find the hidden treasure. To find the other testicle, the surgical team had to poke around blindly and “look for what was causing him additional discomfort”.

Gus didn’t mind! It gave him more time to heal from his wounds and rebalance his stomach. But as the operation progressed, the team found what it thought was the second testicle and “it was strangely attached to another organ”. A biopsy showed that the find was an inflamed lymph node.

Nevertheless, this missing pearl escaped the doctors.

A third surgical look also came back empty-handed and Ashley revealed, “Three vets all took one look today when they went back inside and no testicle was found.”

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But just because it couldn’t be found doesn’t mean there isn’t another testosterone nugget hiding somewhere. While the possible ball remains elusive, Gus will have his testosterone levels checked in a few months.

“You have to wait for the testosterone to clear its body from the testicle that you removed. Then we’ll see if there’s any testosterone left. “

Blood tests can be the only key to unlock the missing testicle case!

Drooly Cat = lucky cat

Oh, by the way, Gus is drooling. A lot of. Could it be cuter?

Ashley assured that his dental problems are not the root of his drooling. “That’s just a lucky Gus trait.”

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“That’s a good boy right there.”

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And the best news of all? Gus has been adopted! Follow The Real Gus Gus on Instagram and don’t miss a moment of the drooling cat with puffy cheeks in his eternal home!

Feature Image: @ youngest oldcatlady / Instagram