Kitten with one ear waves to visitors to notice and hops into the heart of the family

A cute one-eared kitten waved to everyone he met at the shelter, hoping they would see him.

Shannon Basner

Hopper, the 9 month old kitten, joined the Alaska Humane Society when his family could no longer care for him. He was eager for attention and just wanted to be enthusiastic. After being checked and neutered, the kitten was taken to the recovery room to heal.

The little one-eared wondercat didn’t just sit back and relax. He was on a mission to find the family of his dreams. As soon as he woke up, Hopper was on his hind paws, trying to get the attention of anyone who passed by.

According to the vet, the malformation of the ear seems to be due to an old injury. Having an ear doesn’t bother Hopper at all. He wears it with great strides and it gives character to his already precious face.

Shannon Basner

“He’s the cutest, loveliest boy with vivacity, sophistication, and personality. He loves to play, but it’s certainly about getting and sharing the love,” said Shannon Basner, founder of Alaska’s KAAATs, Love Meow.

In a very short time, Hopper made friends with volunteers and employees at the animal shelter and won everyone’s hearts. “He’s very loving and chats up a storm. He craves and loves people’s attention.”

Shannon Basner

The plan was to allow Hopper to heal himself before he was taken to the adoption hall, but the lovely kitten couldn’t wait.

A couple from Alaska were looking for a new cat for their family. They planned a meet and greet at the shelter and arrived over the weekend when Hopper was in the back room.

Shannon Basner

While meeting cats on the adoption floor, they heard of this little one-eared attention seeker in the background and knew they had to pay a visit.

“They had the opportunity to take a back seat with Arleen, the volunteer at the senior animal shelter. There Hopper made it clear to his people that they were who they were for him,” Shannon told Love Meow.

Shannon Basner

As soon as the couple entered the room, Hopper was on his back legs and began to wave his paws in the air. He insisted on being noticed and noticed and didn’t want to take no for an answer.

His small one-eared face and large doe eyes were so convincing that they knew they had been picked right there when he reached his paws toward the pair.

Shannon Basner

“He put out those adorable paws of love and that was it! They were beaten and so was he,” Shannon shared with Love Meow.

Hopper crawled into the arms of his forever human human, and it sealed the deal. “He didn’t even have to go into adoption! We love that when that happens.”

Shannon Basner

The couple went to the shelter that day to meet other cats but were chosen by a charismatic one-eared cat.

“Now Hopper can begin the next chapter of his life with his eternal family.”

Shannon Basner

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